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'Top 100 best Sellers' List

in In the South: Tales of Sail and Yearning
10 Dec 2012  |  0 Comments

It is an encouragement, to be sure.

Today I logged on to Amazon.com and discovered that the ebook edition of In the South: Tales of Sail and Yearning  ranked in one category of the 'top 100 best sellers'.

This may say only that I have much to feel modest about  - the book ranked 84 among the 'top 100 best sellers' in the Australian history category. But at this early point in the public life of these stories of sail, you take the encouragement for what it is worth.

Meanwhile impatience grows by the day due to the delay in arrival of the paperback editions from China. The flow of inquiries and orders continues to increase as people learn about the publication. With fingers crossed, I am told to feel confident that the books will be available in reasonable time before Christmas.

Dealing with this 'arrival schedule' is not unlike trying to get your bearings in a sea fog. Every time you think you have it clear, the mist thickens.


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