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- Reviews of IN THE SOUTH -

'This is a classic of Australian sailing literature' - Chris Kirkwood, Cruising Helmsman, July 2013

'skilful storytelling ...'  - Paul Talbot, AFLOAT, February 2014

'... any seafarer could be captivated by Heriot's evocative narrative ...' - Bruce Willmore Chenoweth, Amazon.com Reader's Review

'For me, In the South sits with Slocum's classic of Sailing Alone Around the World and The Commodore's Story by Munroe and Gilpin - now three books continue to draw me back.' - Robert Ayliffe, Australian Amateur Boatbuilder, Number 81, 2013

'... this book is a tonic ... Beautifully written, often poetic ... Great stuff.' - Peter Marks, Amazon.com Reader's Review.


AVAILABLE in paperback (see the 'order yours' button below) and as an ebook edition (through  Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Kobo and Forty South Publishing).


Read our blog. Listen to the podcast from ABC Radio (broadcast nationally on 28 February 2013). Connect with the blog, including audio, of ABC Radio Tasmania for a series of program segments inspired by a reading of In the South.